vSphere 6.5 – VMWare VCSA 6.5 Backup and Restore

VMware VCSA 6.5 Backup and Restore: In this blog post we will learn how to backup and restore VMware VCSA 6.5 using native backup and restore feature introduced with the launch of vSphere 6.5, this out of the box file based backup and recovery feature uses vCenter Server Management API to backup files to an external destination. This feature supports HTTP, HTTPS,SCP, FTP and FTPS as supported protocols as destination path to backup files. VCAS 6.5 backup feature also backs up embedded Auto deploy and VUM configurations. Restoring from backup is easy and simple through VCSA deployment UI. 

You can automate the backup process using Power cli, please refer Brian Graf’s blog to learn how to automate backup process. First we will learn how to back up VCSA manually and then in second part we will restore VCSA from most recent backup files.

  1. Login to  VAMI (vCenter Server Appliance Management  Interface) https://VCSA_FQDN:5480. Enter root credentials to login.new-bitmap-image






2.  Click on Backup button to launch the backup process.untitled





3.  Select the destination location protocol and enter the FQDN/IP path along with credentials. Select the encrypt option to encrypt backup data which is recommended to secure your backups. I have selected Scure FTP in this case since i have working SFTP server in my lab, you can chose one of the supported protocols ( HTTP, HTTPS,SCP, FTP and FTPS) of your choice. Click on Next once done.

4. In this step select the files you want to backup, I will chose both the options to backup Inventory anc configuration of VC along with Historical data which includes statistics,  events and tasks of vCenter server database, give friendly discretion for the backup.untitled2








5.  Review information and click on Finish to start the backup process.

6. Click on OK to complete the Backup Process.untitled7

7.  Verify if files are backed up to the destination folder.untitled8



We now have backed up VCSA files to Secure FTP, we will learn how to restore from known good backup by simulating failure. I have two vCenter 6.5 servers running in linked mode in my home lab, I will power down the first vCenter Server ( The one we backed up above ) to simulate the failure and restore the service back using backup we just created. Below picture show two vCenter Servers in linked mode. untitled9






I powered off first vCenter so now we have only second vCenter.untitled25







Lets bring back the first vCenter server using previously backed up data.

  1. Launch the vCenter Server Appliance installer UI and click on Restore option to start recovery.untitled10








2. Click on Next to start the process, restore process is two stage process. New appliance will be deployed in stage one and back up files will be copied to bring up the service back online in second stage.untitled11

3.  Enter the backup location and encryption password then click Next.untitled12

4.  Review Backup information and click Next to continue.untitled13

5. Enter the target details deploy new VCSA 6.5 appliance and click Next.untitled14

6.  Provide friendly name for the appliance and root password in this screen and click next to continue.untitled15

7. Select the deployment size and click Next to continue.untitled16

8.  Select the datastore to deploy appliance and click Next.untitled17

9. Select the network settings, I dont recommend changing these values since we are recovering from the failure and all information is pre populated from backup-metadata.jason file.untitled18

10. Review settings and click on finish to start the deployment process. untitled19

11. Click on Continue to start Appliance configuration wizard.untitled20

12. Click on Next to proceed with restoring  VCSA.untitled21

13. I recieved this error at this stage, I figured out that the encryption password for the backup file was wrong so I had to re enter correct password to proceed.


14. Review your settings and click on Finish. At this stage you should see the progress of restore process.untitled24

15. Click on Close once the process is complete. untitled26

At this stage my first vCenter is online and joined back to linked mode and all my configurations in vCenter server are intact.untitled27

This new Out of the Box Native backup and restore feature enables customers to backup and restore their vCenter server environments easily in affordable manner with out having traditional backup/recovery solution if they chose to.

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